Lease Analysis

Lease Analysis

The Devil Is In The Details...

Our extensive lease analysis is comprised of our laser-focused identification of 68 business risks that can affect practice profitability.  Our collective 50+ years of experience as tenant leasing brokers and our extensive knowledge of the far-reaching business consequences contained in dental leases sets us apart from other brokers who don’t specialize in dental tenant leasing.  

We’ve seen, first-hand, what other dental practitioners have experienced without the operative business protections that a dental lease should contain.  Each of these practitioners signed a legally valid and enforceable lease agreement; but, without the necessary business protections in their leases, they incurred unnecessary costs – in time, money, and in their sanity.

These business risks, while contractually, were perfectly legal, were bad business for each of the dental tenants.  

Our Lease Analysis gives us the distinctive edge in structuring the operative business framework of the dental lease and is critical in our preparation for negotiating a protective, dental-friendly lease.